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Math Notebook and Calculator


SHSAT Math Curriculum 

Lesson 1: Proportions/Ratios/Percentages 

Lesson 2: Probability 

Lesson 3: PEMDAS/Number lines/Inequalities 

Lesson 4: Adding mixed numbers + Fractions

Lesson 5: Factors 

Lesson 6: Volume/Scale 

Lesson 7: Unit conversion

Lesson 8: Geometry (angles)

Lesson 9: Coordinate Planes, Slopes, and Intercepts

Lesson 10: Logic 

Lesson 11: Consecutive integers

Lesson 12: Solve for the variable 

Lesson 13: Mean, Median, Mode

Lesson 14: Mean with variable 

Lesson 15: Translate and solve

Lesson 16: Constant rate  

Lesson 17: Bar graphs 

Lesson 18: Algebra/Numerical expressions 

Lesson 19: Practice Problems


Course Material

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