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  • When does registration close?
    The registration form will close on July 30. If you want to register after this date passes, please email and provide the names and contact information of the student and parent.
  • How do I choose which section I want to be in?
    There will be a form sent out after registration closes where you can choose your session availability. Based on the information you provide in that form you will be placed in the section best suited for you.
  • When will the program be held?
    Our program will be held for four weeks in August from Monday to Thursday. It starts on August 2 and ends on August 26. For specific times, please visit
  • Which technologies will be needed for the program?
    Our program will be held online, so you will need an electronic device and internet connection. We will use Google Classroom to provide homeworks, assessments, and links to class meetings, which will be held via Zoom.
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